Hello Friends!!
I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2014 with a Holistic Health Coach certification.  This was after having a life threatening ski injury which put me in a position to start completely over after having paralysis of my digestive system from trauma.  I took the opportunity to begin the journey of learning about the body in order to heal and rebuild the most effective way.  Since then, my knowledge has expanded to a multi-systems approach about how our body functions and how to optimize metabolic health through cellular and mitochondrial function. 

Health is a balance, a harmony, and alignment of various factors of life.  We are in fact what we eat, breathe, and consume through our daily experiences.  I work towards reducing various stress factors of nutrition and lifestyle to create vitality. 

Working together, I help identify obstacles that may be limiting the feeling of wellbeing, and provide support to replace them with healthy habits.

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